Johnny KICK here!

It’s Friday, Friday, gettin down on Friday! How could we have forgotten that wonderfully catchy jingle so quickly???

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks here at the KICK offices. We’ve had team members all over the place from San Diego at the National Beer Wholesalers Association event to working with distributors in Indiana! Our number of KICK lovers has been increasing quickly as we are working hard here…well I just watch but I’m watching the KICK team all work their butts off!!

Hey down south! Keep your eyes open for some KICK! As it gets colder up here we are following the warmth! KICK will be invading down south very shortly soget ready to get your days KICKin!!!!

Keep it classy KICK fans!

Johnny KICK out!


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Did You Know?

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Check out these awesome mind blowing facts about beer that one of the members of the KICK team found!

Tastings Tastings Tastings!

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Johnny KICK here!

Can I get a whoop whoop for FRIDAY?!?! TGIF right??

Anyways, recap of my week! I was out in Northwest Indiana with members of the KICK team the past couple of days working with them on getting peeps to try our amazingly delicious energy drink! With multiple members of team doing tastings, we covered some serious ground! Just about everyone in the area was tasting KICK and LOVING IT!!! Best moment of the week for me? When we had a dude who was about to buy, let’s just say a competitor’s energy drink, try a sample of KICK Energy and he put the other drink back because he decided KICK was a waaaaaaay better tasting product and was significantly less expensive than what he was about to pay for the “other” energy drink. 

Converting one lost energy drinking soul one person at a time!

Peace out my friends!

Johnny KICK out!

Check This Out!

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Bacon Barter

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Johnny KICK here!

Check out this totally cool video! How many times can you find Kick Energy in this video??? Look quick, they make a few brief appearances. Had fun with some super great KICK fans during their very own Bacon Barter!

Johnny KICK out!

Johnny KICK here!

It’s been to totally awesome weeks out with the KICK team. Two of the team members were up in Lansing, MI last week with Dan Henry Distributing two weeks ago while one was down in Terrehaute, IN with Dever Distributing. Then everyone was back to Michigan this week but in Flint with John P. O’Sullivan Distributing. Man was I all over the place trying to keep up with KICK boosted group!

I had to chance to see a whole lot of awesome these past two weeks as well! Dan Henry himself showed us around his brand new warehouse which is going to be sick when it’s done! We also got the chance to all enjoy a dinner with members of the  Dan Henry at Los Tres Amigos which now, very appropriately, sells Amigos beer! We will be heading back up to hang out with the Dan Henry team in October to be a part of their huge tailgate for Michigan State’s homecoming game against Iowa. Going to that game??? Look for a KICK Energy to try!

We also had a great time this week in Flint, MI with John P. O’Sullivan. We were all over in that area getting people trying KICK, Amigos, and Viru as well as working with all their cool sales peeps selling it into their accounts. A highlight of my trip was getting to experience the small town of Frankenmuth and all of its Bavarian influence! The KICK team had a blast and we can’t wait to go back to check out the largest Christmas decoration store in the world that is located there!

Whelp…I got work to do with the KICK team so I’m gonna peace out but not before I wish everyone an awesome weekend!!!

Johnny KICK out!


What A Week!

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Johnny KICK Here!

WOW! I have been all over the place this week! The KICK team has been very busy this week. Let me give you the run down of everything that happened…

It was nice to have the three day weekend but Tuesday morning everyone was back at it. I was in the car early in the morning heading over to Lake Michigan College in Benton Harbor, MI. It was their “Grillin & Chillin” event to welcome all their students back on campus. We set up a KICK table and handed out free samples, prizes, and cans of KICK to all the awesome Redhawks over there. All of the students were so pumped to KICK up their energy levels while getting the chance to spin our very own “KICK PRIZE WHEEL!!!”

But that wasn’t all we did this week! On Thursday we drove down to Peoria to check up on the KICK action there as well as help out with what’s called “The Main Event.” This partaayyy happened at Main Street Commons right down the road from Bradley University. Free drinks, pizza, and live music by Colt 45 & Johnny Walker as well as Mike & Carrie (who, by the way, are both awesomely talented groups from Peoria). Just about everyone had a can of KICK in their hands and we even had a few drink three cans of it they loved it so much! Not to mention the awesome bandanas everyone was sporting! Thank you Main Street Commons for hosting such a rad event! We loved being a part of it!

TGIF everyone!

Johnny KICK out!